what people have said

Stephen James

Blues Club Member

" It's always nice to join up with like minded bluesers😎 "

Reg Chalker

Blues Train

"Glad the club is doing well, keep up the good work"

Angela Hickman

Blues Club Member

" Absolutely great "

Mick Cunningham

Blues Club Member

"A great night of music, thanks to you all "

Michelle Deeley

Blues Club Member

" Loved it 🤗 "

Stella Daze

BluesClub Member

"great little gem of a place shame only once a month "

Half Deaf Clatch

Blues musician

"It was a pleasure to play, loved every second of it ;) "

Paul Elliott 

Blues Club Member

"Excellent night. LOVED Head Hunters - great band. Looking forward to May. 👌"

John Chell

Blues Club Member

"Great, a blues club within walking distance, fantastic, can't wait. "

Garwain Knight

Blues Club Member

"Can't wait, I'm old enough to remember the blues nights at the plum pudding many years ago, I just hope it takes off there's been a drought of really good music venues for too long." 

Phil Doleman

Blues Musician

"The club looks great, hope I can come and play sometime! "

Anthony Cook

The Smokin' Tones

"looking forward to some great music"

Pete Bispham

The Big Wolf Band

"I'd like to wish you all the best for your new club. It's great to hear about a club opening rather than closing"

Paul Appleton

Blues Harp

"Yup it's bout time summit like this came along"

Richard de la Moitié

Guernseyman. Blues & Rock drummer. Events Director. Been there. Bought the T-shirt, what next! 

"Well done chaps. Brilliant effort to keep the music live. I'll pass this onto my old Guernsey chum Pete Sarge Frampton. "

Donald Lang


"Great news. Always excited to hear about new live music venues."

Gaz Podmore

Blues Club member

"Looking forward to the first night!! ."