Fine harmonica playing and a wailing tone


Stoke's very owns stomping,romping Rythym and Blues Band from the Potteries via Chicago

Rob Wilkinson under pins the band with fine harmonica playing and a wailing tone, hence the Cry Baby. Band members Rob Wilkinson (Harmonica & Vocals), Vince Cutcliffe (Guitar and Vocals), Paddy O'Rourke (Drums and Vocals), Mark Hargreaves (Keyboards and Vocals), Chris Bevington (Bass) are all from (or live in) the potteries area, we all bring our influences into the band and you will hear that on our latest album, "I Got News".

So why 'Cry Baby and The Hoochie Coochie Boys?', starting with The Hoochie Coochie Boys, the band has been heavily influenced by the Chicago Blues sound, as well as a British influence from Nine Below Zero & Dr. Feelgood, and Hoochie Coochie Boys is a nod to the great Muddy Waters.